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What agnes & Dora has done for me!

Agnes and Dora has changed how I feel about myself.  I feel empowered.  I believe that I can do something great too.  I believe this business can change people lives because I have seen it first-hand.  It has changed mine!  I am a better wife and a better mother because Agnes and Dora.  I have improved my relationships with my kids by being able to spend more quality time with them and I am happier because I am doing something that I love.  It has helped me improve my relationship with my husband allowing me to alleviate some of the stress and financial burdens he carried.  My why shifted along the way from money to helping others be successful too.  To help others find financial freedom and to help empower other women to see their full potential.  Money comes and go but it’s the people we meet along and help along the way and the relationships we build that are priceless.  I love to help women in a positive way! I love being able to work with and help empower other women- and to help others find the same freedoms

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A&D Dream Catchers

Dream BIG, hustle after your goals and genuinely support each other! Don't just chase your dreams, CATCH THEM!!  So grateful for this amazing team!


This has proven to be one of the best decisions I've ever made! I am so blessed to be apart of this great company!! I am so thankful for Buffy for following her dreams and for taking this all on and giving us all this amazing life changing opportunity.